800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island
800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island 

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Gabriel Saldaña

Music Director, Organist


Thomas Bauer

Cantor/Grand Knight


Antonio Rodriguez

Spanish music minister


New musicians and volunteers always welcome!

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Saint Catherine's has a small group of music volunteers for both the English and Spanish Masses.


English Masses consist of traditional and semi-contemporary hymns, lead by an organist and cantor. Piano is also used on occasion.

Our three-manual, Rodgers 905 digital organ was donated to us by the Avalon Community Church after the retirement of their organist and has served us well for more than 16 years. This organ replaced our previous two-manual, Rodgers Model-441 organ, that was installed in December of 1994. Our Yamaha clavinova electronic piano was donated by local musician and parish volunteer, Martha "Marty" Ashleigh.


Our primary Mass setting for English Liturgies is the Heritage Mass Gloria and Liturgy of the Eucharist parts from the Sing Praise and Thanksgiving Mass (J.M. Joncas).


Spanish Masses consist of a keyboardist and small choir with contemporary Spanish hymns.


Due to low volunteership and job conflicts, some weekend Masses may be celebrated solemnly (without music). We welcome new and visiting musicians! Please contact our music director before joining us so that he may inform the priest for that Mass.


Special Event Music

Music for weddings, funerals, and baptisms is not provided through the standard donation for those events. Musical accompaniment for your special event must be coordinated separately with the desired musician(s). Payment for special events must be arranged with the musician. Please know that many of our musicians are volunteers with the parish, and have job obligations outside of church Mass.

~ The Music Director has informed us that his services are not available for special events between Memorial Day and October 1st due to the busy summer season. ~

Visiting and hired musicians are welcome to use the church organ or digital piano for special events, but must contact the church Music Director to coordinate availability of the instruments and have them unlocked.


Former music staff of St. Catherine's:

Wayne G. Griffin

Organist/Music Director (1987-2015)


Justyna Szymura

Associate Organist (2009-2013)


Martha Ashleigh (✝)

Pianist (Volunteer-part time) (2009-2020)


Gabriel Saldana (previous position)

Associate Organist (2010-2015)


Susan Ponce

Cantor (ND-2020)


Jerry Thissan (✝)

Cantor/Chorister (2010-2013)


Michael Ponce

Cantor (ND-2016)


ND- No date/date unknown


St. Catherine's also had a small choir composed of local parishioners, off-and-on between 2009 and 2014. We thank those parishioners for their dedication to our church music ministry!