800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island
800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island 

Recent Improvement Projects

Parish Hall remodel - Paint, flooring, audio

The remodel of the year was the Parish Hall! Through funds raised during the last SPD dinner, we were able to repaint the parish hall and liven it up, install new Lifeproof flooring, and get the audio system working! The parish hall had built-in speakers when it was built, or sometime thereafter, but were largely unused during the early 2000's until we recently discovered that they still work!! We were able to use them successfully during the Saint Patty's dinner with our Spanish music coordinator's mobile mixer/amplifier.

The real heroes behind this project were the 9 men who came over from one of Father Dario's previous parishes and volunteered their time to repaint and place the flooring. Major thanks to them! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

Parish hall (emptied) BEFORE

Parish Hall AFTER


A two-week long improvement project came to a close in November where our 20+ year old carpet in the sanctuary was replaced with beautiful marble-themed tile. This incredible work was completed by Hernandez Tile Contractors (Lorenzo Hernendez) and we cannot thank him enough for the outstanding job. ALSO, many thank-yous to our parishioners who volunteered to help move the altar, ambo, chairs, tabernacle, statues, and the 400-lb organ console off the sanctuary step before the project, and back onto it after the project was completed.


This project was made possible by a single donor who wished to remain anonymous. To them, we give our utmost appreciation and gratitude for your generosity.

Completed sanctuary area, furniture moved back into place, decorative flowers, and a special display of St. Catherine of Alexandria in honor of her feast day on Novermber 25.

Original carpet (before)

First step, carpet removed and tabernacle steps removed.

New tabernacle steps placed.

Raised sanctuary floor extended to the edge of the sacristy door.

Tile floor placed down and fixed into place.

Completed tile work, minus a few furniture items needing to be moved from the temporary church location back to the sanctuary.

Finished tile work with statues, altar, ambo, organ, piano, and presider chair put back into place. In addition to the organ weighing 300+ lbs, there are many speaker wires that need to be carefully documented and removed prior to moving. Once back in place, those wires need to be placed back into the correct order and the cover board screwed back into place. Our tech-savvy music director took on this task to ensure its proper execution.

We made clever use of the Hall during the church floor renovation. It cleaned up nice!

-- Parish Hall kitchen renovation --

Our parish hall kitchen was renovated in early 2023 through the hard work of some of our knights of columbus and church volunteers. New plumbing, electical outlets, sinks, commercial appliances, and repainting were just some of the projects. Special thanks to Grant Amthor and Phil Hernandez for spearheading this project.


Sacristy/hall ceiling and roof repairs are complete!

Make sure to send your prayers to the men who completed this work FREE of CHARGE and donated their time and talent. These men came from a previous parish of Father Dario's and we greatly appreciate their hard work over the weekend. Our parish provided the funding for the materials and our parishioners provided food for these men during their stay. Thank-you to those parishioners! Muchisimas gracias!

New sacristy ceiling.

Repaired hall ceiling.

MISSION STATEMENT: We, the people of St. Catherine Church located on Santa Catalina Island, California, are called to be members of the body of Christ. Gathering around the Table of Word, Eucharist, and Sacraments, we commit ourselves to love and support one another in faith, hope, and charity. We are sent forth as disciples, in the power of the Holy Spirit to make the Good News of Jesus Christ present and alive in our world through outreach and hospitality, healing and service, education and the establishment of justice on this beautiful island of Santa Catalina. 

WEEKLY MASS SCHEDULE:              Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday: 8:00AM                            No Mass Wednesday, unless Holy day.  Saturday: 5:15 p.m.      Sunday: 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m., 6:30 p.m. (Spanish).                                                              CONFESSIONS: By Appointment.                                            BAPTISM: Contact Parish Office at least TWO months before the desired baptism date.                                                        MARRIAGES: Contact Parish Office at least SIX months before the desired wedding date. At least one person in the marriage must be Catholic.                                               ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Contact the Parish Office

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