800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island
800 Beacon St. Avalon, CA. Santa Catalina Island 

Welcome to Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church on Santa Catalina Island.

Seating is available inside or in the outer courtyard during Masses. The Mass can be heard in the courtyard through our outdoor speakers.



Monday-Friday: 11:00AM - 1:00PM


Votive candles are available for purchase at the parish office for $10 each. (Price increased in January due to supply and shipping costs.)

You can also purchase candles at the sacristy directly before or after any Mass. Place your donation in the money slot, then take a candle from the cupboard below. Please only take the amount you have donated for.

For safety reasons, please do not use votive candles from Vons or any other distributor inside our candle holders at the two indoor oratories. We have had problems with them shattering and creating a fire hazard. The plastic candles we use & provide have proved trustworthy over the years for use in our beloved oratories.


Gluten-free hosts are available during communion. We prefer that you let the priest or Eucharistic minister know before Mass so they can have it ready.

Thursday Eucharistic Adoration

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration every Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the church. We hope you can attend and spend some time in prayer and adoration with our Lord, Jesus Christ.



The Saint Patrick's Day dinner will return again this year on March 16! Volunteers are needed. Contact Joanna Arnold at joannacatalinaisle@gmail.com to sign up. More info is on our "Saint Patrick's Day Dinner " page.

The next volunteer meeting is in Wednesday, February 21 at 5pm in the Guadalupe Meeting room.

Weekly Announcements:

Consider donating to the "Together in Mission" yearly campaign. We handed out pamphets and envelopes the past two weeks, but more are still available in the pews and at the parish office. Your contributions will financially help impoverished parishes, Catholic schools, and outreach missions within our diocese.


If there are any volunteers who would like to assist with livestreaming the weekend Mass online, please let Fr. Dario or tech advisor, Gabriel, know. We only need 1 Mass per weekend, and it can be any Mass you are available to attend. If you have your own laptop, great! If not, we can arrange to have one available so you can connect to our PTZOptics camera inside.


Standing Announcements:

If you have any upcoming baptisms, funerals, or quinceñeras, please call or email the parish office to confirm that it is on our schedule. No one is allowed to use the church for special events without authorization from the pastor (Father Dario). This is to make sure two events do not conflict with each other, and so that the priest is not caught by surprise by an unscheduled event.


Checks: If you write a check to our church for any purpose, please do not make any corrections. Please start a new check. Our bank (U.S. Bank) has been declining checks paid to us because of corrections.


We have surpassed our goal for the "Called to Renew" Campaign!

If you have the financial means, and would like to make a pledge to this campaign to support the maintenance and upgrades to our parish, it's not too late! Every dollar we make past our "goal" from the Archdiocese goes directly to our parish's fund! Contact the parish office for more information.



We are always open to having more Mass volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to help make Mass happen, let us know. It is always good to have people on-the-list to help make sure our celebrations of Mass always have the full support the Lord deserves.

Available positions:

- Lectors (reading the liturgy of the word)

- Altar server (at any age)

- Sacristans (preparing the linens and Eucharistic items before Mass)

- Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion

- Music ministers (cantors/singers, organists, pianists, guitarists)

   [Will need to confirm repertoire with church Music Director]

- Ushers

- Greeters

- Anyone good with I.T. and tech (paid employment can be discussed for this position).

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact the parish office or speak with Father Dario after Mass, or whenever you see him. Prospective musicians or cantors/choristers may contact the Music Director directly.

~~ Religious education classes ~~

Click here to see the "Religious Ed. updates" page


Classes are now in session. Please be in touch with your instructor for meeting times.



Classes are now in session. Please be in touch with your instructor for meeting times.





We celebrate the Roman Catholic Mass in alignment with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. All of our Masses are held in Novus Ordo, which is most familiar to our community. We do not offer any traditional Latin Masses at this time.


> We encourage walking and car-pooling as much as possible due to limited parking at and around the church. Please be mindful of nearby residents and city regulations about vehicle parking.

> Parking is available on Beacon Street in front of the church, and in the back parking lot of the church. PLEASE do not block any exits, pathways, or driveways. The side parking lot next to the Parish Hall is not available.

> We request members of the congregation to turn their cell phones on silent mode or off while attending Mass. During visits outside of Mass, please maintain reverence and be mindful of other visitors using the peace and quiet for prayer and reflection.

> When you enter, feel free to pick up a copy of our Parish bulletin. During most weekend Masses, we have an usher who may offer you one.

> During Mass, we make use of the OCP Music Issue and Today's Missal for hymns and readings in the Liturgy of the Word. On occasion, our music department may have separate leaflets printed out for special events or holidays and have them available beside the bulletins.

> Lost and found items are usually turned in to the sacristy. Please contact the parish priest or a church volunteer to retrieve a lost item. If you return outside of Mass times, please call the church phone number or send us an email to get access to the lost & found.

> After the 9:00AM Sunday Mass, we welcome you to join us for coffee, juice, and light snacks in the courtyard provided by our volunteers. A donation jar is usually set up and all monies go directly to supporting parish operations. If it is raining after Mass, the get-together is usually moved inside the Parish Hall.


Last update: 16 Feb 2024