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Pastor: Father William Ruther Secretary: Armida Ruth Office Hours: Monday to Friday                      9:00am to 1:00pm Email:  stcatherineofavalon@gmail.comWeddings: P.O. Box 735, Avalon, CA 90704Phone: (310-510-0192       Fax: (310) 510-8360 

July 6, 2020 the parish is still here. We have daily Mass. Our Avalon born Bishop Silvester Ryan is here for the month of July. Some other priests will be here during this month and that gives me vacation time off the island. July 19, 2020 at the 11:00 am Mass I got an okay for confirmation. Now we will have to call all the second-year students. If they some are gone, we will find another date for them. With the Corona virus it has not been easy. Remember Jesus said Don't be afraid of them, because I am with you to deliver you," declares the LORD. Jeremiah 1:8.

I hope that in a few more weeks the restrictions will be lifted or eased.

A man came to Catalina. He said I found out that the deer have ticks and the ticks have lime disease and so only on Catalina Island can you have Corona with lime.

Three people went to the beach. They sat in a circle about 120 degrees each make a circle. Their feet were in the middle of the circle and so they sat on the beach with six feet between them. 


Anointing of the Sick. The Bible has two places that tells us about the anointing of the sick by the Apostles and the priests of the Church. If somebody is seriously sick, they should call the parish and let the secretary, or the priest know about the sick person. I, the priest can go to your home and anoint you with the Oil of the Sick. If you are eat, than you should be able to receive Holy Communion, I can give you Holy Communion when I anoint you.


Good news. Nobody needed to be anointed by me on Catalina Island. I have heard only about a few people that may have had it. Maybe most of us will never get it.


Mass times are the same as before. English Masses Saturday evening 5:15 pm, Sunday morning 9:00 am and 11:00 am. Spanish Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. We have so few people coming that you do not need a ticket to go to Mass.


Please visit the courtyard. I have planted 20 rose bushes. I planted red carnations. We are open for visitors. The dear people are welcome, but the deer are not wanted. Please keep the gates closed. In a few more years I hope to have the courtyard much better.

Termites came to church but not to pray. Dewey Pest Control came and gave them their funeral rites. I have been looking. I have not found any sign of termites after their visit. I am happy with their service.

God bless you all and I hope soon we will go back to a more normal life. We need to turn to God in prayer for help. Please invite others to go to Mass.

Father William Ruther

MISSION STATEMENT: We, the people of St. Catherine Church located in Santa Catalina Island, California, are called to be members of the body of Christ. Gathering around the Table of Word, Eucharist, and Sacraments, we commit ourselves to love and support one another in faith, hope, and charity. We are sent forth as disciples, in the power of the Holy Spirit to make the Good News of Jesus Christ present and alive in our world through outreach and hospitality, healing and service, education and the establishment of justice on this beautiful island of Santa Catalina. 

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