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      800 Beacon Street Avalon, CaliforniaSanta Catalina Island  

Religious Education Update Center

This page will be used to post updates and information about our religious education program for the benefit of parents and students enrolled.


Teen Confirmation

Instructors: Steve Hall (1st year) and Bob & Susan Baggot (2nd year).

Deacon Alfonso Castillo will co-instruct every other class with Bob and Susan.


Sign-ups for teen confirmation are now closed. It is essential that students attend each class, and missing any class is discouraged. Missing more than three (3) classes will result in a student being dropped from the program, and they will have to re-enroll next year. 


Students should remember their "behavior expectations" that were outlined by their instructor during the first meeting. These standards WILL be upheld and students that take away from the learning opportunities of others will be excused from the program.

First Holy Communion

Instructor: Arecely Hernandez


No new updates. Please attend class.


Prudent updates will be posted here, and to Facebook.